Samantha Pearce & Dean Rigg, Hartlepool

tiny baby

I wanted to share my story to make people aware of how much of a different North tees neonatal unit can make, in 2014 I suddenly went into labour at 26 weeks with my little girl Scarlett it all happen so quick and she was born at home weighing 1lb 6oz, because we didn’t have enough time to make it to North tees my little girl passed away.. This year on the 6th June I went into premature labour again at 29+2 weeks, we managed to make it to North tees before I needed to be took for an emergency c-section, luckily this time we had the neonatal unit on standby ready to help and it’s all down to them that my tiny 2lb 13oz baby girl survived. She needed to be on a cpap machine for a few weeks before coming home on oxygen, we had loads of ups and downs in our 9 weeks stay but we managed to get through it with the support of the amazing nurses. I honestly can’t thank them enough, if it wasn’t for them my beautiful little girl Emmie might not be here today.