Nicole & Boz French, Stockton


Emily was born on the 30th october 2014 at 29 +6 weeks and was our first child.  After numerous visits to the doctors and midwives due to feeling unwell i was constantly told that the pain i was feeling was normal. Constant stomach ache every day! So i plodded on as never been pregnant so just took there word for it even though my mam wasnt happy and kept saying it wasnt right. So i went to work and i had really bad back ache all day and ended up comin home early and couldnt sleep all night so called the hospital and they told me to get a bath and if i still felt poorly to come in, so i called my mam in early hours and she said i was in labour.  The pain was starting to get worse and then all of a sudden the pain in my back went in to my stomach and i couldnt get up so my partner and sisterinlaw got me in the car and my mam and brother met me at the hospital and as we set off emilys leg popped out in the car she was comin out breach and then as we went further up the road another leg popped out and then when we pulled up outside the hospital half of emily was out so they got me in to reception and pulled her head out they wrapped her up in her daddies coat to keep her warm and they ran of with her and 5 hrs later me and her dad were allowed to see her in intensive care. I was in shock after what happened. Emily spent 2 weeks in intensive care and 6 weeks in special care. It was scary and hard, emily had respiratory distress syndrome and also contracted ecoli why she was in hospital and had 2 blood transfusions. All the staff that looked after her and me were amazing you couldnt ask for nicer people and they helped with any anxieties they are a credit to themselves. Emily came home 2 days before christmas which was the best christmas present ever. Thank you to every one who helped emily make a full recovery. Emily is such a beautiful baby and makes me laugh every day x