Marianne & Paul Maloy, Gateshead

new mums journey

Day 0, @ 28+4 weeks & breech, his main issue were his lungs classed as poorly but stable, he needed blood transfusion and jaundice treatment.

Day 4; my first cuddle off ventilator and on CPAP

Day 6, first cuddle with daddy

Day 16, in clothes and first cuddle with big bro Day 22, out of the incubator and in a cot

Day 28, one step closer home. Moved to he QE, Gateshead, our local hospital.

Day 40, transferred to RVI for TPN,

Day 41, seeing him back in an incubator, sad day.

Day 46 no more oxygen support yippee

Day 48 transferred back to QE

Day 50 no more tubes

Day 57 my overnight/rooming in begins

Day 59 William is coming home. Exactly 3 weeks before his due date and 11 weeks since my waters went (@26 wks). Settled in well and doing well, started life in the world at 2lb 10oz (1190g) now 5lb 10oz. Developed a hernia and will need an operation in the new year.