Lauren Mccue & Mark Shaw, Norton

29+4 weeks

I was taken into hospital when i was 29+4 weeks with pre eclampsia where I spent several nights. I was told I had to have an emergency c section as my blood pressure was sky high, my kidneys had started to shut down and the level of protein in my urine was extremely high. on the 20/11/14 at 3:48pm Evelyn was born weighing just 2lb 14oz. I had to wait 25hours before I could see her and 54hours before I could hold her. Evelyn spent a total of 5 weeks in hospital spending time in each of its rooms she came home on Christmas Eve. She continues to go from strength to strength and makes myself and mark so extremely proud. We honestly believe if the staff at North tees didn’t act as quick as they did by getting the steroid injections into me our story could of been very different.