Laura Mosley & Patrick Hobson, Stockton

neonatal surgery

On the 18th September 2014 I gave birth to a healthy little boy weighing 6lb14oz. I had strep b while pregnant so needed antibiotics while in labour my labour was too quick for me to able to get them so the staff on neonatal give my son the vital antibiotics I didn’t receive and for that I was forever great full. After spending 1 week in postnatal I was ready to be able home when the midwifes on postnatal new there was something was wrong with my son’s breathing he was breathing that fast he was doing 100 breaths a minute at one time. So at a week old my whole world came crashing down when my son was taking into neonatal. He spend 8 days in neonatal special care until they could get him to go without oxygen for at least 48hrs My little boy was there found to have 2 holes in his heart which needed surgery. I found comfort I’m the nurses/doctors that looked after my son the became like family in such a short space of time. They looked after my son and these staff helped me when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. After 8 days on special care I finally brought my son home and in December 2014 at 12 weeks old my son receive the heart operation he needed. Without the staff in neonatal I don’t know how I would of coped. My son is now a happy healthy 1year old little boy thanks to the staff at north tees neonatal.