Kristen Tasker & Alan Youngman, Stockton

I’m Kristin Tasker aged 35 from Stockton, Engaged to Alan Youngman. In 2012 we suffered a miscarriage..a couple of months later we started trying for another baby. However months later we still hadn’t fallen pregnant so we ended up going to see about ivf. After lots of tests we went on the Ivf list.. However a couple of weeks before our ivf top of the list appointment we fell pregnant naturally! We were over the moon, 2 years of trying and we had finally got our dream!! Pregnancy was fine except for terrible sickness, But at 25 weeks I woke up one morning to bleeding, and after 2 weeks of in and out of hospital I gave birth to Annabelle Lily Youngman on the 15th of November 2014 at 4:34am weighing 2Ib.. We saw her for a split second before being whisked away to the unit.. A couple of hours later we received a call to the labour ward stating Annabelle was very very poorly with her heart and they were doing everything they possibly could.. But they did stabilise her so we went to visit her.. She was the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen,she didn’t feel like mine,it was a strange felt like I was looking at someone else’s baby.. Annabelle started to pick up and doing really well.. However on the 17th of November at 5am we had the dreaded call to say Annabelle had took a turn for the worst..we raced in, and we had her baptised told her we loved her and she passed away..our beautiful daughter and all our dreams had been shattered!!! But if it wasn’t for the fantastic nurses and doctors we wouldn’t of even had 2 fantastic days with her.. Even after Annabelle passed away they did everything they could for us so we could make memories!!