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Great North Run 2024: Support Our Runners

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We are thrilled to see many participants joining the Great North Run 2023 to support NeoAngels! Each runner has a personal connection to our charity, whether they are parents of children who received care in the Neonatal Units at North Tees or James Cook Hospitals, or they know someone from our team at these units.

A huge thank you to everyone running for NeoAngels. We’ve shared links to some of our runners’ fundraising pages below, so you can show your support if you wish.

If you’re running the GNR for NeoAngels and want us to include your details and fundraising page, please email us at

Our daughter Poppy was born seven weeks early via emergency c-section. As soon as Poppy was delivered she was rushed to the special care baby unit at North Tees Hospital. Poppy was placed into a incubator and spent two weeks in hospital. During our stay we were made aware of the Neoangels charity and the support it gives to families who have babies in the special care baby unit, they provided us with food vouchers and covered the cost of petrol and parking so we could come up and see Poppy as much as possible. Since coming home we also attend a weekly playgroup dedicated to premature babies which is ran by Neoangels, providing support for not only us parents but our babies. Without this charity we would have been lost during such a stressful and difficult time, we are hoping to raise as much money as possible to enable this charity to keep helping families like us. So this year I am taking part in the Great North Run on behalf on Neonagles, hoping to raise as much money as possible. Any donation would be welcome into helping this fantastic cause.
James Goodman
Back in August our baby girl Erica was born, her mum Chloe was induced a week early due to her being a larger baby. After induction we were sent home due to living so close to the hospital, Chloe’s contractions came thick and fast so we knew something wasn’t right! Afew hours later Erica was born via emergency c-section but as she was delivered took a large breath inhaling a lot of amniotic fluid, from there her oxygen levels became very unstable. While Chloe was still in surgery Erica was put on a C-PAP machine and swiftly moved to NICU. Over the next 72 hours she was looked after intently by the amazing nurses at James Cook, constantly monitored, meanwhile Erica’s nurse was trying her best to help Chloe breastfeed and also taught me so many things about being a new dad! Although Erica wasn’t a tiny baby things could have been a lot different without the amazing staff on NICU. We owe so much to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at James Cook University Hospital, we now have a very cheeky and smiley baby girl!
Chloe Milburn
The reason for me taking part in the Great North Run is that my son was recently born, November 2023 at North Tees Hospital and was born at 8 weeks premature. As a result, he was on the Special Care Unit for 3 weeks where he was looked after amazingly by the NHS Staff and the Neoangels charity. Without both of these we would have found it even harder than it already was. I'm taking part on behalf of Neoangels to give as much back as I possibly can, both as a thank you, and to help families who will be in our position in times to come. As well as this, my sister in-law, Jodie Jenkins also works with Neoangels and always telling us amazing things the charity does. Again, the purpose of me carrying out the GNR is a thank you for all her hard work. Whilst I'm not the best runner and I'll certainly struggle with this event, I'm happy to be doing so as a thank you for all involved with Neoangels!
Lee Chapman
The reason I chose to run with this amazing charity is because they helped us 3 years ago, whilst we were in the Neonatal unit at North Tees for 2 weeks with my Incredible son Henry. The staff and the nurses on this neonatal unit are real life angels and the charity NeoAngels is very close to my heart. They are a small local charity, so every Penny earned goes back into our community and helps other people going through difficult and often nerve-wracking times with their newly born children. This Great North Run will be run for all the amazing volunteers, staff and children who benefit from the work NeoAngels do, but MOST OF ALL this is for my little boy Henry who lights up all of my days thanks to the help of NeoAngels. 💙
Reece Mackey
I was proud when I was able to take up the mantle and do my part to help raise money for this truly amazing charity in 2022, it was a no brainer when they asked if I'd want to run again this year. It doesn't take much reading into the NeoAngels story to see how important they are. Helping families when they're facing tough times, providing comfort and help. Supporting in any way they can. I highly recommend running over to their website for more information (pun 100% intended). I've not even scratched the surface here
Liam Oddy