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Great North Run 2023: Support Our Runners

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We are delighted to have quite a few people taking part in the Great North Run 2023 to raise money for NeoAngels!! All of the runners have a link with the charity, whether it is as a parent of a child who has been cared for on the Neonatal Unit of North Tees or James Cook Hospitals, or because they know a member of the team from one of the units.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part for NeoAngels. We have included links to some of our runners fundraising pages, so that you can support them, should you wish.

If you are taking part in the GNR for NeoAngels and would like us to include your information and fundraising page, please email

I'm running this year for my little boy, Jenson. He was born in 2017 at 26 weeks, weighing 2lb 1oz and spent 90 days on the Neonatal Unit at North Tees before being discharged a week before his due date, so for me, this run is 1 mile per week he spent in hospital. I'm so grateful both to North Tees and to Neoangels for all their efforts, past and continued, to help babies born too early, or poorly, and their families through what is such a scary and uncertain time. Jenson is 6 now and absolutely thriving, he's been joining me on some of my training runs!
Me, Mam and Uncle running for Wilfred, who was 25.6 wks gestation when born, completely unexpected. Spent 3 months in NICU in JC and Sunderland before coming home. Hardest period of our lives, dealing with everything that comes with an extreme premmy, extended NICU stay and the aftermath mentally on us all. Running to help NeoAngels support more families through the toughest period of their lives.
Our son Arlo was born prematurely at 35 weeks in February 2022. He quickly became very poorly and needed specialist care from the NICU team at James Cook University Hospital. Unfortunately I tested positive for covid during labour and therefore was unable to be with Arlo for the first 5 days that he was in NICU. During this time Neoangels provided support and resources to help us adjust to becoming parents with a baby in NICU, helped us to feel connected to Arlo whilst I couldn’t be there and supported Stephen whilst he learnt how to tube feed and help with cares. Neoangels helped to ease the financial burden parents face by purchasing parking vouchers, helping with travel expenses and providing a hot meal in the hospital canteen daily for parents. They provided us with a diary which staff updated daily, matching comforters for Arlo and myself which were swapped daily to help keep us connected through scent and other personalised items all of which helped to make our NICU journey a positive one. Arlo is now 18 months, he is so cheeky and loves football, we are forever grateful of JCUH for their care and Neoangels for going to extra mile to make our experience the best it could be.
Ellie and Stephen
Neoangels is a local charity which supports families of sick and premature babies on the Neonatal Units at the University Hospitals of North Tees and James Cook. As Laura works on the Neonatal Unit at James Cook, we thought it would be perfect to run for and raise our money for Neoangels, who we know do so much for the families whilst going through a really tough time. We really appreciate your support, thankyou so much! Laura, Natty and Jav x
Laura, Natty and Jav
NeoAngels are a local charity that support premature and seriously ill babies and their families in the intensive care units of James Cook and North Tees hospital. They help with everything from paying for equipment, accomodation for families and even parking fees. They are a lifeline of kindness and support at a terrifying time and deserve so much praise. This is my small way of saying thank you.
I am doing the great north run for something extremely close to my heart... In September 2022 my wife went into premature labour at only 28 weeks of pregnancy, our baby girl Freya arrived via emergency c section but due to the extreme prematurity and conditions of her birth she was sadly in a poor way. She fought with every fiber in her body for us but sadly 5 days after her birth her tiny body ran out of fight. Our baby girl was gone.. This was truly the most devestating time of mine and my family’s life, but one thing we can say is that the neonatal unit and the Neoangels charity at James Cook hospital was truly amazing and did everything they could for us and Freya... So I am running the great north run to raise funds for Neoangels so they can continue to support precious tiny premature babies like our beautiful Freya.
I am fundraising for neoangels because when our little girl Flora was born in November 2022 she was unexpectedly very poorly and required time in the NICU. We live in Newcastle but had to be transferred to Middlesbrough due to there being no beds in the neonatal intensive care at the RVI. Obviously this was an extremely scary and stressful time for our family, but without the work that neoangels does to help families like ours it would have been a lot worse. We owe everything to neoangels as well as the wonderful staff on the NICU that meant we got to bring home a now happy and healthy little girl to he with her family and we want to ensure they can continue that amazing work to be able to help other families that are in the same position we were!