Having a new born baby in special care brings a lot of extra expense, including travel costs, parking, extra child care and missed days at work. We are able to offer some assistance with travel and parking costs, as well as providing canteen vouchers.

Depending on how close you live to the hospital depends on how much you qualify for with travel expenses. The minimum you will get is £10 per week.


You might be eligible for certain benefits or a sure start maternity grant if you are from a low income household. We recommend getting in touch with your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau to make sure you are getting all of the support available to you. The Citizens Advice Bureau provides free, confidential advice about a range of issues and can offer telephone appointments as well as face to face support.


You may have already planned your maternity leave, but if your baby has to spend an extended amount of time in hospital, one or both parents may have to take additional time off work for hospital visits. Hopefully your employer will be supportive at this time, however if you need advice we recommend you contact ACAS who can provide free, confidential advice about your employment rights.


This can be a particularly challenging time – struggling with debt can add to your worries and really impact your emotional wellbeing. If you are struggling with debt, there is support available. The national Debtline can help you take control of your money and will work with you to turn things around. It is important that you tell them about your personal experiences as a new parent as they may be able to offer additional support.