Chloe Spowart & Matthew Robson, Hartlepool


Oliver William Robson was born at 27+1, weighing a tiny 2lb 11oz in Luton and Dunstable hospital whilst we were away for the weekend to visit Harry Potter Studio’s. He was born fighting and stayed in Luton for 4 weeks until a long transfer to North tees. Whilst in North Tees, his main issues were feeding and oxygen. He would often turn blue and stop breathing when he forgot to swallow his milk- very scary but the nurses always made sure that we were both okay. Also, he needed 5 blood transfusions and his last was Christmas Eve; the best present a stranger could of gave us and Oliver. Finally, 81 days later, Oliver was allowed home on New Year’s Eve. I can’t thank the nurses enough for what they did for us both. They saved my babies life numerous times and gave me confidence in my ability as a mother- they told me I would get through this and I have. All nurses are angels, those in North Tees and Luton and Dunstable, so please support this charity. Love Chloe, Matthew and our miracle, Oliver x